Our Story

Hi my name is Wendy Hojnacki and my mother in law (aka Grandma Smiley) has been making her butter cream frosted cut out cookies for family and friends for the past 40 years.  A couple of years ago she started making these cookies with customized photos and personalization for any special occasion.  People LOVE these cookies!  Not only are the delicious but they bring a SMILE to the face of everyone who's had the opportunity to get a batch of "Grandma Smiley's Cookies"

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to experience what it is like to get a cookie that brings a smile to one's face and carry on the tradition that Grandma Smiley has so generously given to her family and friends for the past 40 years.

Please email me at grandmasmileyscookies@yahoo.com or call me at (815) 587-4942 if you have any questions.


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